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Our Mission : A Passion For YOUth

Why Daddy is a non-profit organization that produces the tools that will help individuals over come their stepping stones In life. The number of single mothers in the Metro-Detroit area and areas surrounding, is rising constantly. In addition, there is also a rise in those homes where the father is not hands on with the children as well. Why Daddy focuses on helping those individuals who battle with issues at home due to their family structure. Often children who reside in single family homes tend to blames themselves for their situation. There are many studies that provide evidence of the effects that children within single family homes, homes with absent fathers, and homes where the father is abusive (mentally and/or abusive) suffer psychologically that also effect them in adulthood.

Why Daddy wants to help those children recognize and overcome those issues that arise, so that they are able to lead healthy lives. Why Daddy is not the average organization in regards to dealing with just one group of individuals. We are willing to support any person, no matter the situation, Why Daddy is here to help. Everyday we strive to change oneslife in putting them on the right path of success.